Gain Real World Advantage from Virtual World Technologies.


Our Areas of Expertise

We work with two kinds of virtual world technologies:

1. Tools for physical interaction with virtual data, collectively called Extended Reality.

2. Tools for the trading and exchange of virtual data, such as Blockchain.



1. Extended Reality

Extended Reality (xR) tools enable physical interaction with virtual data.

xR, is a new catchall term that includes all forms of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.

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2. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a tool that can be used for the trading and exchange of virtual data.

Blockchain uses a decentralized, tamper-proof ledger to store & exchange digital information and value.

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XR and Blockchain technologies can deliver significant value to any organization. They’re not just toys for gamers and geeks*.




* Please note: we are both gamers and geeks, but we have our serious side too.


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