About Us

Founded in 2014, Xmark Labs is a technology development and business strategy consulting firm. We help companies navigate the complex world of digital transformation, with a strong focus on solving problems in business & product strategy.

Our team members have worked with Apple, Dell, G-Tech, Hasbro, HTC, Intel, Intuit, Lego, Microsoft, National Science Foundation, multiple divisions of Sony and many others. We’ve delivered projects, hardware and software for a wide range of consumer, enterprise and government markets.

Please Note: We value and respect diversity of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and all other aspects of human identity, but we don’t value intolerance towards others.

Nicholas Napp

Nicholas has brought over 40 products to market across a wide range of consumer and enterprise markets. He is a systems thinker with broad skills in business development; product development; innovation & technology; and strategic marketing and partnerships. He is particularly focused on the integration of strategy, technology and corporate narrative to accelerate business growth.

His prior roles include leading multiple startups; Lead External Technology Scout, North America for Sony Ericsson; and Vice-President, Animation, Rainbow Studios (sold to THQ, inc.). Nicholas is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and a frequent speaker at international conferences such as AWE, COMPSAC, DIMH and others.

Matthew Puccio

Matthew’s expertise includes software systems design and analysis, gamification, and object-oriented software development. He is an expert in all aspects of game design for video, mobile and traditional board/card games, including the mathematical underpinnings of in-game economic models. Formerly the Lead Systems Designer for LEGO Universe, Matthew has more than twenty years of gaming experience and over a decade as a systems designer focused on in-game economies.

His prior roles include overseeing application architecture and analysis for multiple medium to large scale enterprises, the development of robust web and desktop applications, and leading teams of game systems designers from concept through launch. He is an avid gamer, larper and bicyclist.

We value and respect diversity of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and all other aspects of human identity,
but we don't value intolerance towards others.

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